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Massage for Mobility

Improving reach, or in clinical terms Range of Motion (ROM) is just one of Jason's specialties. This is related to working with headaches and back pain in many ways.

Reach, or range of motion, is frequently affected by 3 different things that massage therapists can help with: muscle tension/stretch, fascial adhesions, and the joint capsule.

Muscle tension is relatively straightforward. If you have excess muscle tension then the muscles don't stretch very well. This is frequently caused by trigger points, points in muscles that have forgotten how to relax. You probably call them "knots".

You probably also know your fascial adhesions as "knots" too, they are just layers of tissue that are supposed to be designed to allow greater movement. Due to injuries or your movement patterns, they start restricting movement and get stuck to other layers of tissue instead of moving.

Joint capsules get a bit more difficult. A joint capsule is a layer of tissue that surrounds a joint (a place in the body where two bones meet) and keeps the fluid in the joint. It frequently works with ligaments, connective tissue that connects bone to bone. Sometimes this tissue gets injured and gets stuck to itself or other nearby tissues, again restricting range of motion. The problem is that stretching a joint capsule adhesion will frequently make it worse by tearing the joint capsule.

Jason has learned a number of different techniques, particularly in working with Myofascial, Connective Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Orthopedic Massage, that is really good for helping with range of motion.

So whether it's getting deeper into that Yoga pose, helping you be better at your sport while reducing your risk of injury, or being able to reach over your head with greater ease, massage can help you.