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Relief from Back Pain

Back pain is a real challenge for people. People living with back pain often find that they simply can't find relief for their pain. It doesn't matter what you do, you need your back to function in order to do it. Whether it's lying down, sitting, or standing, your back is involved.

Unfortunately it often results in disrupted sleep, which then doesn't help the pain either.

Several research studies have shown massage to be very helpful for back pain. Several of Jason's clients from the last 13+ years would agree.

Massage has a benefit of reducing muscle tension, which is frequently an aggravating if not the primary factor in back pain. Massage also improves sleep, which then improves the perception of pain. Additionally, massage also influences the nervous system to reduce our awareness of pain.

Result - massage can help with your back pain. If you're living with back pain, maybe you should try massage.