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Massage for Headaches

Many people have headaches and migraines on a regular basis, and they really do make life difficult. Fortunately massage can help.

Many headaches are caused by changes in blood flow, poor sleep, stress, muscle tension, and of course trauma. Massage can help with all of these.

All massage improves the circulation of blood and lymph. Restoring better blood flow can reduce those headaches. Massage generally leads to people sleeping better, in fact many clients fall asleep during parts of a massage or at least get really relaxed. Stress reduction is another core benefit from massage.

Muscle tension and trauma are probably the more difficult things. Fortunately Massage Therapists are very well trained in how to work with muscle tension and massage is one of the better ways to reduce excess muscle tone. Massage Therapists are Muscle Specialists, and so muscle tension is something that we're very good at.

As for trauma, Craniosacral Therapy is particularly good at helping to release trauma held by the body.

Jason has taken a number of extra classes for helping people with head and neck tension which often plays a significant role in headaches. He has had a number of clients over the years come in with headaches that were not responding to other treatments and who have commented during the massage that the headache was gone.